50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

Getting white ink tattoos is a new trend, but it’s gaining popularity. Lindsay Lohan started made these white ink tattoos famous.
Today, they are one of the most female-focused tattooing techniques in the world.

If you go to get them, make sure you find a good artist. I’m saying this because this is a new technique and not all tattoo artists can make proper white ink tattoos. In fact, an imperfect artist might get you admitted to hospital! Take care of your body, that’s more important than anything else!

The great thing about these tattoos is that they are not that loud, they’re very subtle. This quality makes them ingeniously creative and attractive.

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White Ink Tattoos

Stop existing, start living. Love your life!

love life

A white ink tattoo for your arm or leg.

abstract white ink

Maybe this heart will look good somewhere else on your body.

pixelatte heart

But this tattoo is placed perfectly.

lost your beauty

Maybe guys can also wear this one.

swirl white tattoo

Looks like a crop circle, doesn’t it?

flower white ink tattoo

Are you a pet lover?

dog paw tattoo

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And here’s an example of white ink tattoo on black skin. I think it looks pretty cool, don’t you?

white tattoo on dark skin

When just a flower is not enough.

floral tattoo

The true power is inside you.

historial sign tattoo

Are you?

white ink tattoo


power tattoo

I wonder if all the guys would love their girlfriends to get this tattoo…?

design tattoo

Rose bouquet.

rose flower tattoo

Play an anchor role in others’ lives.

anchor tattoo

That’s the word!

white ink tattoo grace

This is not really a tattoo but a skin disorder called Dermatographic urticaria. However, mostly people end up using it as a temporary white ink tattoo.

tattoo typography on legs

I think that’s a Japanese painting. I mean it can’t be little red riding hood.

tattoos collection

“Hope dies in the end” – Russian Proverb

only hope

That’s my favorite one, one more time.

neckline tattoo

Fly away.

wings tattoo

Sometimes, one flower is enough.

natural tattoo

Snowflake… in this hot weather.

nature ice tattoo

Okay, now this maybe too much.

abstract tattoo

The following page is a continuation from the collection of white ink tattoos. If you have landed on this page directly, please visit the first page of this showcase.

You’re on page 2 of white ink tattoos. You have good taste 🙂

The following white ink tattoos are designed for people of all ages and all genders. It is a mixed collection so please go through them slowly otherwise you can miss something.

There are many tattoos in this post that men are wearing, but they’ll look equally good on women as well. So if you see a man in the picture, it doesn’t mean a woman should rule that tattoo out immediately.

Same goes for men as well. If you see a woman in the picture, it doesn’t mean you can’t have that tattoo.

Life… is all we have. And maybe all we need.

life typography

Makes it magical, doesn’t it?

foot tattoos


white ink tattoo on face

The swelling and rashes go away. Don’t worry.

arm tattoos

A pattern if you love these things.

tattoo for inspiration

Only those would notice it whom you tell.

tattoo behind ear

When you need a message loud enough.

left arm tattoo

It’s beating!

heart beat tattoo

Looks like a sweater design.

shoulder tattoo

Again, it looks like a crop circle to me.

dot in a ring tattoo

That must have hurt.

flower on shoulder tattoo


legs tattoo

More pretty.

more tattoo designs

This reminds me of these scorpio tattoos.

All the flowers, all the glitters in one white ink tattoo.

white tattoos with beads

White ink tattoos that use text and typography look most awesome.

qoutes in tattoos

Black and White!

tattoo qoutes

Don’t pop.

crop circle tattoo

This should be on the love finger.

promise tattoo

Loved it 🙂

sky scrapper tattoo

This is masterpiece work from the tattoo artist.

detailed rose tattoo


elephant tattoo

In yourself!

type tattoo samples

Music lovers!

music tattoo designs and samples

Lucky VII

roman tattoo

Yes, that’s the only person you must know well.

typography tattoos

It’s that little rascal cupid again.

heart tattoos


dark skin tattoos

In and Out!

breathe tattoo

Now let us end the post with a reminder that these white ink tattoos do look great but you should remember that these are very hard to create and that is why not all tattoo artists can make it safely.
So take good care of your body and don’t put it in risk. Get a tattoo like this one only if you are sure that the artist is experienced and qualified enough.

If you have any suggestion for us, any feedback about this post or if you’d just like to say “hi”, please do comment.