Take Your Pet Photos to the Next Level With These Tips

Pets photography tips
Photo by Mia Anderson on Unsplash

Anyone who’s tried to photograph their pets knows how difficult it is. While the professionals make it look easy, capturing the perfect photo of cats and dogs is hard because they’re unpredictable. But we still love to post photos of our furry friends on our social media and with these tips, you can take better pictures.


Animals are keen to emotions, so if you’re stressed, they’ll pick up on it and get anxious too, which translates into photos. Try and just have fun with it.

Focus on Eyes and Expressions

For engaging photos, focus on the eyes and facial expressions of your pet. Try and get your pet’s attention so they can focus directly on the camera.

Shoot at Their Level

For the best shots, shoot down at their level. You may have to crouch down or get in some weird angles to get at the perfect level.

Pay Your Muse

Your pet deserves to get paid for their time, so make sure you have plenty of treats or toys with you. Your pet will cooperate more if they have some incentive.

Capture Their Character

Each animal has a unique personality and quirks that make them special. If your dog loves to chase after a certain toy or your cat is lazy and yawns a lot, try and capture them in action.