3 Tips for Getting Started With Calligraphy

Photo by Diana Schröder-Bode on Unsplash

The art of calligraphy can be mesmerizing. Elegant scripts seem to dance across the page, a beautiful union of art and writing. But where do you even begin if you’re interested in learning? Here are three beginner-friendly tips to get you started.

Master the Basic Strokes

Before diving into letterforms, focus on mastering basic strokes. These are the building blocks of calligraphy and will help you develop control and consistency. Practice vertical lines, horizontal lines, and diagonal strokes. Pay attention to maintaining a consistent pen angle and pressure throughout each stroke.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

You don’t need a full calligraphy set right away. Start with a basic dip pen and a nib with medium flexibility. Look for smooth, bleed-proof paper to prevent feathering (spreading) of your ink. India ink is a popular choice for its rich black color but experiment with different colors as you get comfortable.

Learn a Beginner-Friendly Script

There are many beautiful calligraphy scripts, but some are more beginner-friendly than others. Popular options include pointed pen scripts like Gothic or Copperplate or even a basic Italic script using a fountain pen. There are many online resources and tutorials to guide you, so find a script that speaks to you and start practicing its letterforms.