From Candycore to Gingerbread Girl, Here are Etsy’s 2023 Holiday Trend Predictions

Candycore. Photo by Greg Barbosa on Unsplash

We can always count on Etsy to accurately predict the latest trends in the world of home décor, and their forecast for the upcoming holiday season is finally here. From candycore to gingerbread girl, we’re bringing you six festive trends that made it to Etsy’s list this year.

Grandpa Chic

Forget all about coastal grandma, because grandpa chic just entered the building. This is a home décor craze your grandpa would love, and it’s all about classic materials and rich tones, such as burgundy, olive green, and tobacco brown.

Gingerbread Girl

The “gingerbread girl” puts a festive twist on the popular cottagecore craze, and it’s all about welcoming warm and rustic vibes into your home this holiday season.

Elevated Entertaining

If you’re In charge of hosting holiday dinners this season, Etsy is encouraging you to elevate your party through zodiac tea towels, natural linen placemats, and handmade glassware.


Candycore is the sweetest trend to make its way to Etsy’s list this year, and it’s all about holiday decorations that look so good you could eat them.


If the fireplace happens to be the centerpiece of your holiday décor, you should consider making it even more eye-catching with candle lanterns, ceramic trees, and accent ornaments.

Meaningful Memories

When it comes to gift giving, this holiday season is all about presents with a special meaning, from travel planners and birth flower travel cases to luggage tags and personalized passport covers.