Best Ways to Minimize the Awkwardness of Taking Tripod Photos in Public

Photo by Adesh Bankar on Unsplash

Content creators and solo travelers often use tripods in a public setting, but you might feel uncomfortable doing it at first. If you’re looking for a way to minimize the awkwardness of taking tripod photos in public, these useful tips and tricks will get you there.

Time & Place

Take your photos during the quieter times of the day, ideally early mornings, to avoid the crowds. When it comes to the location, you can opt for less busy places or touristy attractions because you won’t feel weird taking photos when there are other people around you doing the same.

Perfect Plan

Make a plan for your photo before whipping out your tripod. Decide exactly what you want in the frame because you’ll spend less time setting up and taking photos if you have a perfect plan.

Practice Your Poses

If posing isn’t your strongest suit, consider taking some time to practice at home. You’ll reduce the time you spend with the tripod if you know how to pose because you won’t have to take a hundred photos to get one that works.

Don’t Overthink It

Keep in mind that most people around you are too busy with their own life to pay too much attention to you. You might get a strange look or two but try to focus on your own thing because you’ll be done much quicker if you take your photos without hesitation.