This Instagram Page is Celebrating Architecture That Looks Straight Out of Wes Anderson’s Films

Wes Anderson is one of the modern filmmakers with the most distinctive visual style, defined by symmetrical shots and intricately designed, pastel-colored buildings. The Instagram page Accidentally Wes Anderson is honoring the architecture from his movies by collecting photos of buildings that would fit right into them.

Accidentally Wes Anderson was founded by the Brooklyn-based duo Wally & Amanda. They initially started this Instagram page as their personal travel bucket list, but it eventually grew into a community of over a million people, ranging from travelers and history buffs to architects and artists.

“We are intrigued by the image and delighted by the details. Together, we seek and share the most beautiful, idiosyncratic, and interesting places on earth while uncovering unique and unexpected stories behind the façades,” reads the duo’s official website.

This viral Instagram page is in no way affiliated with Wes Anderson, but it seeks to find real-life counterparts of the striking buildings from his acclaimed films.

The architecture serves as a visual language in his body of work, bringing unique charm and whimsy to each frame. They’re defined by vibrant colors, meticulous symmetry, whimsical design elements, and a nostalgic, retro feel and have the power to take us to the fictional world that exists outside of time, but Accidentally Wes Anderson is here to bring that fantasy to life.