Young Bulgarian Couple is Taking Instagram By Storm With Their Porcelain Milk Jugs

Milk jugs don’t typically evoke feelings of luxury or extravagance, but one young couple from Bulgaria decided to change the way we look at them. Zlatina and Tsvetomir are the masterminds behind the ceramic brand Zlatna Porcelain, best known for crafting exquisite porcelain milk cartons that exude elegance and charm.

Zlatina and Tsvetomir hail from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and describe themselves as young craftsmen, who are in love with each other, in life and in their work. They’re on a mission to infuse artistry into everyday objects and use their special talent to craft modern, unique, and refined porcelain pieces.

Zlatina and Tsvetomir pride themselves in pouring their hearts into every vessel they create, creating pieces that tell their own story and have a unique essence. Their signature milk jugs are a case in point, and they became synonymous with Zlatna Porcelain over the years.

These meticulously hand-painted pieces are crafted with the finest porcelain, and they’re actually pretty practical, in addition to looking beautiful. They’re most commonly used as vases or bottles, but can also make an interesting décor piece.

Zlatna Porcelain’s offer also includes everything from mugs to bowls, and they “feel honored and joyous knowing that people use [their] creations when they come together in friendship to share a meal and create wonderful memories.”