3 Wonders of Modern Architecture Worth Checking Out in Mexico City, Mexico

UNAM Campus
UNAM Campus. Photo by Daniel Uribarren on Unsplash

Mexico City is one of those places that offer a perfect blend of contemporary and classic architecture. If you enjoy buildings with a modern feel, this city won’t leave you disappointed. Here are three modern icons worth checking out during your visit.

Soumaya Museum

Soumaya is one of Mexico City’s must-see museums, and it’s equally impressive inside and out. Designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero, Soumaya became instantly recognizable after being unveiled in the early 2010s thanks to its reflective aluminum façade, which looks like it’s been composed of countless floating silver discs.

UNAM Campus

If you’re a huge fan of modern architecture, the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico is the place to be. Several impressive buildings are scattered all around, and you should definitely check out Juan O’Gorman’s library. It’s a modern building with an Aztec twist, covered by a giant wall painting inspired by the history of Latin America.

Vasconcelos Library

Mexico City is home to one of the most impressive libraries in the entire world, and you have to step inside to truly enjoy it. Its towering glass shelves give the library an airy and spacious feel, and they cover 38,000 square meters in Mexico City’s downtown.