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What Clients Say and What They Mean—a Guide for Web Designers

A guide for Client Interaction, and conversation tips for web designers. Learn how to nail a client.

30+ Helpful Adobe Muse Tutorials

This is the largest collection of Adobe Muse tutorials on internet. From beginner to advanced, video to normal tutorials of Adobe Muse.

Ideas for Taking Better Selfies

This is the beginner's guide to taking better selfies. These ideas for taking selfies should help you take amazing selfies of yourself.

25 Coolest Project Page Designs on GitHub

These are 30 inspirational project page designs on GitHub. Usually all we see on GitHub is plain text but that's not always the case!

100+ Free Mockups: Apple Watch and Other Latest Smartwatches

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. This collection contains mockups that help you to present your designs on smartwatches.

How to Communicate with Web Designers

We have to talk about web designing projects, effective communication between the designer and client. This will make a successful project.