Audrey Smit is Transforming Mundane Buildings Into Floral Miracles

Audrey Smith enjoys seeing flowers everywhere around her, and she’ll help you see them too. The digital designer behind the viral project Paint the World is using the power of Photoshop to transform mundane buildings from all around the world into vibrant spectacles.

On the official website of her brand This Little Street, Smith describes it as a place of tree houses and big pink bathtubs and unicorns, where the flowers grow as big as trees, imagination, and happy thoughts are sprinkled in the air, and everyone gets to be a kid, no matter their age.

Smith’s work started gaining viral appeal after she kicked off a unique project called Paint the World. She used Photoshop to adorn buildings from all around the world with her intricate floral artwork and continued doing it because she found joy in showcasing the world’s beauty, while also sprinkling it with a little bit of floral magic.

The majority of Smith’s work is photoshopped, but her floral houses are slowly making it to the real world. She recently painted her very first real-life patterned house in France, and it took her over 100 hours of sketching and painting to transform this whimsical Normand house into one of her floral masterpieces.