Imagined Architecture is Using the Power of AI to Reimagine Famous Building in Style of Modern Architects

We’ve seen many AI artists use the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence to toy with reality as we know it, and Imagined Architecture is the next one in line. This AI artist is using cutting-edge AI tools to reimagine famous buildings by adopting the distinctive styles of renowned architects from the past and present.

Imagined Architecture experienced a true boom on TikTok, where this page is followed by 19,000 people. It was recently promoted on the popular Instagram page Architecture & Design and it immediately sparked a heated debate about the use of AI in the realm of architecture.

The creator of this page claims they’re simply using AI/Stable Diffusion to learn more about different architectural styles. They’re merging innovation, technology, and architectural excellence into one to marry the aesthetics of famous buildings from all around the world to distinct features of the selected architect’s style.

The list of iconic buildings you’ll find on Imagined Architecture’s Instagram and TikTok includes the Sydney Opera House, the Dancing House in Prague, the London Tower Bridge, and Burj Al Arab in Dubai. They were reimagined in the styles of famous modern architects we all know and love, from Zaha Hadid and Antoni Gaudí to Oscar Niemeyer and Frank Gehry.