Eve Corsets are Using the Power of Slow-Fashion Fashion to Celebrate Classical Art

Corsets have long been a relic of the past, but they made an epic comeback in recent years. Many designers welcomed them back with open arms, but Eve Corsets took things to a whole new level. This British corset maker became a true social media sensation thanks to her retro corsets that pay homage to classic works of art.

Eve Corsets was founded by Evangeline Houston, who’s based in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. This talented costume maker and wardrobe assistant decided to put her special talent to some good use and start her own slow-fashion brand that puts corsets front and center.

Houston uses a variety of old tapestries/needlepoints and materials found at local shops to bring her corsets to life. She’s not cutting up actual antiques to put them together, and most of the tapestries you can see on her Instagram page hail from the ’80s onwards.

Eve Corsets became a huge hit because they do a great job paying homage to the world-famous works of art that we all know and love, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Her corsets have the power to take you centuries into the past and help you relieve the bygone era when paintings by great artists graced the walls of ballrooms of Europe’s high society.