Meet the Winners of the 2023 Etsy Design Awards

Etsy is one of the internet’s hot spots for home décor inspiration, and they recently honored some of the most inspiring creators on this platform. The Etsy Design Awards winners were determined by a panel of experts, and we’re bringing you some of the most impressive recipients.

Grand Prize Award Winner – MARIGABY

Venezuelan designer Maria Gabriela Duque, the founder of the sustainable fashion brand MARIGABY, won Etsy’s main award this year with her cactus leather convertible bag, which can be worn in three different ways.

Winners’ Choice Award – MoziDozen

Taiwanese brand MoziDozen specializes in crafting some of the quirkiest lamps that you’ll ever come across. They offer lamps shaped like everything from mushrooms to sheep, but they ended up winning an Etsy award with their dandelion lamp, which you can turn on by blowing on the seeds.

Home Decor – Terroso Studios

Terroso Studios won big in the home décor category with their signature ceramic chain planter. It’s a huge success for this Canadian brand that’s been around since 2020, and their beloved chain planters now come in several different shapes and colors.

Furniture – ABT Modern

ABTModern, the brand behind mid-century modern furniture made in Central Florida, produced a lot of impressive chairs over the years, but none of them compares to this Etsy-winning rare glass lounge chair.