Feeling Stuck? Here are Some Photography Tips to Broaden Your Creativity

There comes a time in our lives where we feel stuck and unmotivated, and naturally, many of us have struggled with this during the pandemic. If you’re looking for a new approach to your creative practice or are lacking inspiration, these four photographic techniques can help broaden your creativity.

Infrared Photography and Effects

Infrared photography records otherworldly scenery in wavelengths beyond what the human eye can see. To achieve this type of photography, you can get an infrared filter that blocks visible wavelength and allows only a small amount of infrared light to hit the sensor. You can also do infrared photography with an infrared camera conversion which removes a sensor’s hot mirror and replaces it with an infrared filter that blocks the visible light.

Intentional Camera Movement

One of the easiest ways to broaden your creativity it to try intentional camera movement, which involves moving your camera during the exposure. Just set your camera to a longer exposure, depress the shutter button, and change the camera’s orientation.

Photogram Effect

Often one of the first introductions to photography in art class, the photogram is a cameraless form of photography that places objects on a light-sensitive medium like photographic paper and exposes them to light to create a negative of the objects.

Abstract Light Trail Photography

This combines a slow shutter speed with camera movement and isolated light sources to create abstract images. When it gets dark outside, grab your camera and take photos of things that emit light like streetlights, headlights, neon displays, sparklers, and LEDs.