Quick Tutorial for Perfectly Toning a Picture in Photoshop

Create an Old Age Effect using Tone Enhancements in Photoshop

Today’s tutorial is a bit different. It basically focuses on one thing only and that’s color fixing. Here you will learn all about toning, sharpness issues and hue adjustments.

This tutorial will be specifically helpful for professionals working in print media because we display many things on the screen but we have to create an exaggerated graphic for printing because usually the routine paper snatches the life out of graphics. This tutorial is also very helpful for photographers. They can learn how can we add an expression into an average photo. These are the techniques which created the term ‘photoshopping’.

Initial Image

Photoshop tutorials

First of all take a duplicate copy of the image on which we have to work,  then go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask and enter these values.

Toning the picture in photoshop tutorial

Then Go to Image>Adjustment> Shadows/Highlights.

turning a simple image picture into HDR picture photoshop tutorial

And apply these values.

photoshop tutorial for photographers

Here is a bit tricky work we have to do, Just take a copy of the working layer, then select Burn Tool from the Tool Box and apply it on all the wrinkles of the man’s face. This will enhance the characteristic of pessimism in the photo.

Photoshop photography tutorials


Now I selected Dodge Tool which will stroke around the eyes.

using a dodge tool in photoshop tutorial

Make another copy of the working layer then Go to Filter>Other>High Pass and put these values and hit OK. After this Change the Layer Mode to Overlay. You should also notice the opacity level which is 92%.

Photography tutorials in photoshop

Then Go to Image>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast and apply these settings.

Photographer toning the picture in photoshop tutorial

Final Result

And we’re done.

converting picture into HDR picture in Adobe Photoshop


Photoshop tutorials

converting picture into HDR picture in Adobe Photoshop