50 Best Parallax Scrolling Examples

Parallax scrolling is a type of visual graphics/computer graphics that was initially reserved video games.

But of course, nothing stays constant and gaming graphics started to influence web design as well.

So today, parallax scrolling has become one of the most awed effects in web design!

Parallax scrolling is a unique way to interactively animate your website. Let’s not bother you with more text, just have a go at these examples.

Just don’t forget to scroll down.

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Parallax Scrolling Websites


Nike's supern parallax scroll effect

Intacto 10 years

Parallax scrolling of rocket


One of the most famous parallax scroller of a rotating bag

Tokio Lab

Parallax scroll on a typography website.


Parallax scroll of different elements


Interactive Parallax Scroll over still background for iphone.


Parallax text box scrolling

Jan Ploch

Parallax scroll effect of water filling in the bottle

Phase 2 Design Studio

Parallax scroller of logo

Head 2 Heart

Parallax horizontal scroll


Parallax scroll on a Dress


jquery Parallax header scrolling.

 Michelberger Booze

Parallax scroll effect of every element individually rotating.


Parallax scroll on background under text Box.


dynamic scrolling effect.

Lois Jeans

Parallax scrolls on images.

Too Young to Wed

Parallax effect of scrolling in a vertical web design.


Parallax scroller with still image of footwear.

Drug Treatment

JavaScript Parallax scroll horizontally.

Wild Life

Parallax scrolling conterminously from top to bottom


parallel Parallax scrolling of images and background


Parallax scrolling with still menu

Anna Safroncik

Parallax scrolling in multipal combinations with mouse movement


Parallax scroller with floating images

Marcus Thomas

Parallax scroller effect with the variation of speeds between background and content.

Range Rover Victoria Beckham

Parallax effect through speed variation of content

NH Winter Holidays

Parallax scrolling with still menu and vertical effect

Honda CR-V

Parallax scroll with text fed in horizontally


Parallax scrolling in text appearance

Bomb girls

Parallax scrolling horizontally

cultural solutions uk

Parallax scrolling of vertically background and horizontally text

Row to the Pole

Parallax scrolling with slow speed of background scroll

Webdesign Karlsruhe

Parallax scrolling of the full screen with the mouse movement

Drupalcon Denver

jquery Parallax scrolling

Finger Billiards

Parallax scroll effect on different images on the page

Guy Vernes

Parallax scrolling in the footer


Parallax scrolls as the movement of content

Atlantis World’s Fair

Parallax scrolling as travelling down into deep sea

Ben The Bodyguard

vertically Parallax scrolling


jquery parallax excellent horizontal scroll.

Smokey Bones

Parallax scroller of menu and other content.


Parallax scroll over a still background

Octavo Designs

Parallax scroll showing uplifting of gas balloon

Bengston & Bengston

Parallax scrolling with fix menu


Beautiful 3d parallax scroll in parts of image.

360 Long Road Zurich 

Parallax scroller with text drops at change of background.

Ito Sio Ceni

Look around the mic to see the amazing scroll.

Go Up

Cute Girl!

Reverend Danger

Character design parallax scroller. Multiple images scrolls.

Nike Air Jordan 2012

dynamic scroll example of footwear and shoe