How to Make Appealing Letterpress Text Effect in Photoshop

This is my first Adobe Photoshop tutorial. Today I’m teaching how to make a sizzling letterpress design in Adobe Photoshop.

Letterpress is one of the most ravishing text effects out there. It is elegant, clean and minimalistic, yet eye catching and bold. The problem is that this making this effect is not that easy, or should I say, not considered easy. But from now on, you’ll be making this effect without any hassle. Learn this simple and easy tutorial that might leave you gasping over your own talent.

Final Result

Photoshop Tutorial

Download PSD

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Step 1

First of all open a new file,  size does not matter.

Step 2

Then draw the background shape in which you want to make your letter press effect, I only used a basic shape for background containing this gradient, find the color values in the image below.

Step 3

Through these simple values I have got this nice and appealing gradient.

Step 4

Now, add some text on which you want to make your letter press . I typed DESIGNZZZ. Font used here is BAUHAUS and this font is included in the source file, to download it, please click the link at the end of this tutorial.

Step 5

The color values of the text are shown below. To make your letterpress look realistic, select colors which are slightly darker from the background color.  With these type of colors letterpress effect look more prominent.

Step 6

Letter press is a very strong effect in Adobe Photoshop, it is created by combining some simple effects. The first effect is DROP SHADOW.  To add this effect, open Blending Options > Drop Shadow and just put these values in that dialogue box.

Step 7

And the second effect is INNER SHADOW. Same method here, Open Blending Options > Inner Shadow and put these values in that dialogue box.

Step 8

And now your Letterpress effect is ready to be shown.

Photoshop Tutorial