Inspiration: 30 Stunning Inspirational Digital Artworks

This is a collection of digital artworks on the theme of inspiration. They represent one of the most powerful emotions humans have, inspiration.
Inspiration is one of the major driving forces that makes a man carry on, it can make people believe in the unbelievable and it can make people conquer nearly anything. Inspiration can is the fuel for soul… and just fuel, it can be deadly.

A wrongly inspired person can end up seriously deviated. History has proven that time and again. And just as all those figures in history, if we creative people do not get our dose of correct inspiration, we can end up copying others’ work or making terrible artworks. But won’t let this happen.

Here’s your dose of creative artworks.

This collection is not on one specific topic, this is rather a collection of ideas that inspire you to create something out of the box. This is a true dose of inspiration. If you are looking for inspiration of a specific topic, such as typographic web designing or flyer design, if you are looking for inspiration on a specific topic, save this post for later. This post is only ideal of you are just looking for a tonic for your creative muscles.


The power of dreams is electrifying.

Inspiration by Mercuralis

Diploma Project: Inspiration

This is so abstract that it is making sense.

Diploma Project on the theme of Inspiration by lorddarq

Inspiration Hill Wallpaper

It is an HD wallpaper so download it if you find it compelling.

Inspiration hill by PsychOpl

Demons of inspiration

Let the demon in you speak through your work. That’s the trick all great artists found out.

Demons of inspiration by WillhelmKranz

In Light of Inspiration

Inspiration is in the light, not in the dark.

In Light of Inspiration by reznor70

Exploration – Inspiration

Exploration, traveling to unheard places, meeting strangers… that’s the best way to fetch inspiration. This is something I have learned after working for over a decade in the creative industry.

Exploration Inspiration by Tribe84

Inspiration – adjusted

Light up the bulb.

Inspiration adjusted by Unidentifiedname

Inspiration Point Collab

Your brush has the power to create a world. Make sure you do not waste this power creating just advertisements.

Inspiration Point Collab by FISHBOT1337


“Where does your inspiration comes from?”

Inspiration by thitz


What’s your head like?

Inspiration by darkcath


What do you do if you find a red button that says “do not push” – ?

11 Pressing the ring button

Inspiration Station

This is the place where inspiration happens.

Inspiration Station by tjerome


Coffee is liquid inspiration. It’s the thing that lights up that bulb inside your head.

Inspiration by ABVH


RLDStock Inspiration Contest

Personally, I don’t think this photo-manipulation is made in the perfect manner, but I do feel that the idea is worthy of being featured here.

RLDStock Inspiration Contest by wdwparksgal

Inspiration comes from everywhere

Anywhere and everywhere.

Inspiration comes from everywh by XD3

Inspiration Design – MJackson

That’s the poster design. This was made right after the king of pop’s death.

Inspiration Design MJackson by Inspiration Design

Divine Inspiration

Spirituality has been known to be a great inspiration source.

Divine Inspiration II by zetab


Getting drunk is also a source… although I don’t recommend it.

Inspiration by culmea

I am Without Inspiration

“Without them, I am without inspiration”

I am Without Inspiration by gri3v3r


Fly away people, fly away.

Inspiration by Piotr18Wch

Gateway to Inspiration

One word: outside!

Gateway to Inspiration

Inspiration 500mg

Oh how I wish these tablets were available, along with the capsules of ‘commonsense.’

Inspiration 500mg by MattCarter


With her violin, she is well equipped face the apocalypse.


Inspiration Illustration

I love silhouette based works.

Inspiration Illustration by Rainie1123


This is a wallpaper.

Inspiration by dnygraphics


Inspiration oils the gears in your mind.

Inspiration by PNE

Mohammad Atef

Great designing is about simplicity as well. This is a simple design.

Man with a bulb for a head


For the last, I choose this image. Now I have a quiz for you. Using the comments section below, describe why I chose this image. If you guess right… then I can’t give you anything, but I’ll stand up and applaud.

Inspiration by crayon chewer