How to Reach the Satisfaction Factor of Web Design Clients

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There are very few people in this world who actually enjoy their job. When it comes to web designing, it is indeed difficult, but also an entertaining job. Designers are lucky enough to try something new and challenging every day when rest of the world is doing their mundane tasks sitting on their office desks. The best part is that web designing has become so popular that designers are paid really well now.

Now, this does not mean that designing is all about perks. Designers have to go through a lot of hardships as well since they have to meet so many new clients on daily basis and deal with different personalities.

It is very important to keep your client happy and satisfied and doing so is not an easy task. Apart from being best at what you do, you need to be really good at business ethics as well.

I can understand that satisfying every client can sound almost next to impossible, because every person has a different personality getting along well with everyone is more than difficult. Let’s take a look at a few tips which will definitely help you in satisfying your web design clients.

Follow Through

In order to become successful, you need to make sure that your clients are satisfied with the project you have been handed over. It is not about being loyal and sincere to your job; it is your moral duty to be sincere to your projects.

All you need to do is put in your greatest efforts and come up with the best you can. If you will ignore your work, at the end of the day it will damage your reputation and you will be out of work. Also, if a client will have a bad experience with you, he will share it with others and you won’t get any recommendations.

But there’s another point to be made here. It’s not just about your work. Freelancers and small-scale businesspersons often forget the importance of service… which is the most important factor for a client.

Your communication, your time-lining, your responsiveness is what the client demands most from you. This is something we often forget. Below is a survey conducted by Orbit Media Solutions that shows what is the biggest factor that annoys clients most.

Web designers lack in providing service

This means we’re already doing okay with our stuff, but forgetting the little things, such as making professional business proposals, detailed invoicing and business communication.

So, you need to follow through and make sure that you bring your client to the same page as you are. Make sure that your client leaves your office with a smile and complete satisfaction from your work. Referrals play a very important role and one happy client means a lot of referrals and projects.


A survey conducted by 99designs shows that personal referrals is the biggest source of obtaining new clients.

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Although you are a designer and you know the best, it is still very very important to listen to the client. You must hear out their demands and requirements regarding the project and keeping them in mind that even though you can refine their requirements with your own inputs, it is their project so it should be according to what they want and not what you want.

If you won’t get your client’s opinion in the beginning, you will have to make various changes after finishing the project so its better get the opinions beforehand.

The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply.

We have to listen really well because clients are usually not that articulate in defining their needs. We end up assuming that they are unable to give us direction but that’s not really the case. They are just not good at technical communication so w have to understand what they are really saying.

Working with new clients

Be Positive

Positivity has a great impact on everything around us. If we act positive and think positive, things will work out for us automatically. Same goes for your project as you need to stay positive regarding your work and it will reflect in your creativity.

If you manage to produce good results, you have made one more client happy and this means more project for you in the future. Positivity can do wonders for you.

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Dealing with Different Clients Differently

Let me tell you a secret, all men are NOT created equal. Everyone is different, not just their needs but their attitudes, their patience level, their perceptions about designers, their technical knowledge… everything is different. We have to understand the types of clients and dance along accordingly.

The Micro Manager type

strict management

Distinct Characteristics

  • Soft-spoken, well-dressed, elegant but judgmental.
  • Wants/expects you to surprise them.
  • He’s like a walnut, tough from the outside but soft in the inside.

Dealing with micro manager sort of clients is not at all an easy task. Such clients should be kept well-informed about all your own requirements and everything official should be documented. If client is not willing to understand your terms and conditions, try to explain him again so that later on you won’t have any confusion in the project.

Also, do discuss your ideas about the work and before you start coding, you need to take client’s approval first so that in the end there are no surprises for the client.

The Penny-Pincher type

money and coins in hand

Distinct Characteristics

  • Questions a lot.
  • Believes whatever price you quote is not final but negotiable.
  • Usually freelancer or small-business owner.

Such clients can be very annoying and the best way to deal with them is to explain each and everything to them in detail and till the time they understand it completely.

Once they do, make sure you get the things signed officially in order to avoid confusions. You need to make things clear – you won’t allow useless interference in your work and will serve the best work according to the price you both agreed on.

The No Pay type

payment cancelled

Distinct Characteristics

  • Tries to make you work first and leave 100% of the payment for after the after the completion.
  • Usually brags that money is not a factor and you’ll get paid as soon as you complete your task.
  • They avoid making it official. They will avoid signing binding contracts.

Some clients avoid paying on time for multiple reasons. Once you have handed over the project without getting the complete payment, you will be the one calling again and again. So to avoid such circumstances, make sure you get half of the payment in advance with legal documents to avoid “non-refundable” situations.

It’s Never Right type

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Distinct Characteristics

  • They try to use technical terms but do it wrongly.
  • They behave as if they already know everything that has to do with your profession.
  • They are not good communicators, so when you elaborate their own ideas, they tell you that that’s not what they want.

Well, one of the most difficult types of clients is the never satisfied one. These people are never happy with whatever you do. At times, you may feel like telling the client to design the website themselves (since they obviously know better) – but you cannot do this. So, the best way to handle a client like this is to stay patient and your patience will pay off.

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The Conclusion

You may come across different sort of personalities on a daily basis and you cannot get along well with every type. So, you need to learn to deal with different clients in order to satisfy them so that you can have a good customer base. Remember, anything that client says to you is professional, so never take it personally.