Quick and Easy Way to Create Flame in Adobe Illustrator

Time for some Adobe Illustrator again. Today I’ll be teaching how to make a vector fire/flame graphic in Illustrator in a few simple steps. This graphic can be quite useful in print media and also for web designing.

We have covered Photoshop at Designzz, even the business card templates I shared with you a few days ago were made in Photoshop, but since we haven’t covered much Illustrator in past, right now I’m focusing on tutorials which are very easy to make and don’t require much time.

Before you study this tutorial, let’s make something clear – these tutorials we make are just to inspire you. You should follow them, but after that you should make changes, manipulate the colors and make something of your own (and of course share it with me).

 Final Result

Illustrator tutorial

Vector Flame in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Open a blank document, the size doesn’t matter.

new file dialog box

Step 2

Select Pen Tool, and draw some rubbish. Yes, indeed rubbish. All we need right now is some lines, we’ll add more details later.

Illustrator Tuts

Step 3

Select Reshape Tool in the Scale tool pop-out menu and add some curves, like this.

Designing Vectors

Step 4

After some work, I got myself this:

Drawing in Illustrator

Step 5

I drew some other shapes which will provide extra detailing later on.

Tutorial of Fire

Step 6

Now I add colors. I chose these colors, but you can of course, change their values and even change the whole shade, you can make it a blue flame if you like.

Illustrator guide

Step 7

Now I add the shapes which I made for extra detailing and use them here and there. I used the same shape on the left side and then flipped it, used it again on the right side. You can also use the same objects at many places by just rotating, flipping and altering the size a little bit. This is a good practice you should follow if you are designer.

making graphics in Illustrator

Step 8

Added another shape and gave it a gradient fill. You can find the color values in the screen shot.

Illustrator graphic

Step 9

Now give a light yellow color to the small sized shape on the top so that it would seem like the core of the flame.


Final Result

Flame Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator