50 Beautiful Horse Pictures

We are showcasing 50 most beautiful horse pictures and adorable pony pictures.

I know many of you love horses. And why not, horses are incredibly beautiful, brave, pristine creatures. Horses have served us in wars and in peacetime, they stayed are fastest way of transportation for centuries. A bond between a horse and its holder is unbelievable. Horses are right up there with dogs. These are the only two animals who can serve as cops.

But not all horses are all big and masculine, the real beauty of nature comes to ponies. They are so cute, adorable and lovable animals.

Horses are used for sports as well. Horse races are popular all around the world. People invest huge amount of money on these kinds of races. Some change their lives through it and some get ruined. Some people love horses and think that horses are their closest friends… and that’s true in some means that horses can be your best friends.

If you have a horse, don’t forget to check out the tips for taking cool horse pictures. Find the tips below.

Children love to ride on horses. Horses are very powerful and can run very fast. People who love the speed also love to ride on horses and people also use to race with their friends and family on horses and enjoy it. Our collection of fifty horse pictures contains all types of horses, that includes white, black, sports horses, pony fillies etc. etc. etc.
Some people love horse riding. I have collected some most adorable, beautiful and amazing pictures of horses that you are really going to love. If you love horses you should see all the images I have collected and review my work.

A relevant quote for Horse Pictures

It is well said by Lendon Gray

It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you.

Tips for Taking Horse Pictures

Use a long lens. At least 200-300 mm lens because standing up close can cause you….. well, difficulties.

Shutter speed needs to be fast. 1/250 to 1/500 second is best. That’s because horses are very animated animals and they are continuously moving, at least their ears and tail. So fast shutter speed is usually preferable.

Not eye-level. It is one of the fundamental rules of photography that the camera should be at the eye-level of the subject. Not in horse photos. These pictures should be taken from shoulder (horse’s shoulder) height.

You need a groomed horse. A fully cleaned, clipped and brushed horse is required for a good photo. Sheen is also necessary.

Horses have four feet! Oh, you know that already? Well your camera should also know that. Don’t take your image from an angle that only shows two or three legs.

Horse needs to be relaxed. The horse should have straight neck, ears should be pointing in front and the over all posture also needs to be relaxed and calm. No one likes an angry animal.

Now let’s get to pictures.

A beautiful high quality photo of a black horse.

A beautiful high quality photo of a black Horse

A beautiful horse couple.

A beautiful horse couple

Beautiful baby horse picture.

Beautiful baby horse picture

A horsie with papa.

An amazing horse picture

Beautiful horse picture with bokeh.

Beautiful horse picture

A cute and amazing horse picture.

A cute and amazing horse picture

A cool and beautiful horse picture.

A cool and beautiful horse picture

A cool black and white color horse.

A cool black and white color horse

Adorable gaited pony filly.

Adorable gaited pony filly

Adorable Icelandic horse photo.

Adorable Icelandic horse photo

Adorable large pony mare.

Adorable large pony mare

A fantastic horse image.

A fantastic horse image

A fine shot of a good horse.

A fine shot of a good horse

A gorgeous horse picture.

A gorgeous horse picture

A horse is grazing.

A horse is grazing

Amazing horse picture.

Amazing horse picture

Amazing horse running shot.

Amazing horse running shot

An adorable baby horse.

An adorable baby horse

Another beautiful horse picture.

Another beautiful horse picture

A small horse with a cute baby.

A small horse with a cute baby

A cool big horse.

A cool big horse


A sweet and adorable horse picture.

A sweet and adorable horse picture

A very beautiful horse picture.

A very beautiful horse picture

Awesome horse picture.

Awesome horse picture

A wonderful horse picture.

A wonderful horse picture

Beautiful pony filly.

Beautiful pony filly

Black horse jumping shot.

Black horse jumping shot

Falling from a horse.

Falling from a horse

Brown beautiful horse.

Brown beautiful horse

Cool horse photo at a beautiful place.

Cool horse photo at a beautiful place

Cool horse picture with its baby.

Cool horse picture with its baby

Cool white horse picture.

Cool white horse picture

Fantastic Horse Picture.

Fantastic Horse Picture

Healthy black horse.

Healthy black horse

Horses running on the group.

Horses running on the group

“MR Brown” is a cool horse picture.

MR Brown - Cool horse picture

Nice haircut for a horse.

Nice haircut of a horse

Pretty horse picture.

Pretty horse picture

Quarter horse filly.

Quarter horse filly

Really awesome horse picture.

Really awesome horse picture

The adorable horse picture.

The adorable horse picture

The adorable Icelandic horse.

The adorable Icelandic horse

The cool brown horse

The cool brown horse

The handsome sports horse

The handsome sport horse

Excellent shot of an amazing horse.

Excellent shot of an amazing horse

The beautiful horse.

The beautiful horse

Lovely horse picture.

Lovely horse picture

Cute and amazing black horse.

Cute and amazing black horse