20 Amazing Still Life Oil Paintings by Dusan

20 Amazing Still Life Oil Paintings

Dusan Jovanovic is an acclaimed painter and artist from Serbia. After his comments on 20 Watercolor Masterpieces, we are featuring him on Designzzz. But before that, let’s get to know him a little better.

He was born May 1, 1949 in Belgrade. He has attended many esteemed educational institutes, such as Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, School of Art for Interior Decoration, School Restoration-Painting etc.

He took participation in more than two hundred art exhibitions throughout Europe, including: Show World “My country, my home” (Moscow, Russia, 1965) and Exhibition “Selections 1984” Nation Gallery (Paris, France, 1984)

He has also presented more than fifty solo exhibitions, such as Tresse Mannes Gallery (Grasse, France, 1978) and Metropolis International Gallery of Art (New York, USA, 1984). And to top of all this, he also won many national and international awards. He also has another great quality, he is a regular reader of Designzzz.

I Collected all these images from the galleries on his website: Portraits and Still Life

Still Life Oil Paintings

Gambero Rosso

Oil Painting by Dusan

Dreams of S-Stefano

Oil Paintings by Artists

Feast of Bacchus

Oil Painting Artwork

Memories of Hunting

Traditional Artworks by Serbian Artist

The Palette

Acrylic Painting

Tulip Flute

Serbian Painter Artwork

The Treat

Oil Based Art

Remembrance of the Past

Oil Based Artworks


Old Library

Oil Paintings

Vivaldi in Venice

Oil Painting Emperor

Gallo on the Table

The art of oil

The Old Book of Alexander

Traditional Art oil Paintings


Dusan is an authority on making portraits, here are some of the best portraits he made.

Arturo Menghi Sartorio

Oil Painting

Maddalena Fellini

Painting by Dusan

Nikola and Stefan

Oil Painting of Children by Dusan


by Dusan


Oil Portrait Painting

Oil Based Traditional Art Portrait

Oil Paintings Traditional Art

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