15 Awesome Dinosaur Illustrations and Digital Art

Dinosaurs were the kings and queens of Jurassic era. From the size of a rabbit to almost a mini hill, dinosaurs ruled the land and air. They were the ultimate predators.

It was a popular belief that no human ever saw a dinosaur with his/her own eyes. However, some modern discoveries are suggesting that humans indeed saw dinosaurs and called them dragons somewhere between the centuries. But even if someone saw a dinosaur thousands and thousands of years ago, it is of no use to us. Yet, we do have pretty solid ideas of what they did looked like, how they moved and what sounds they made. We have so clear ideas that we even made films on them, for example, Jurassic Park series (one of the most popular film series of all time – it is difficult to find a person who hasn’t seen at least one of the movies).

But you’ve seen the movies, so we won’t be talking about them today. Instead, we will be presenting a collection of dinosaur illustrations.

All these are highly detailed digital artworks and if you are a fan of such art, you’ll sure love this post.

All the titles/names of the images are linked back to the creator’s page. You can pay your compliments to the painter by clicking on those links.

Dinosaur Illustrations

Cretaceous Sunset

Animals off Jurassic age add a unique kind of mysteriousness to a romantic sunset.



Early morning twilight. The dinosaurs try to show attitude to the mighty mammoths.

Fun fact: mammoths are the ancestors  of today’s elephant.


The Black Tide

You know, the inspiration of mythical creature dragon comes from dinosaur.

The Black Tide

Dinos and Waterspout

Waterspout was another animal in the Jurassic era. We don’t know much about these creatures because they don’t have a movie named after them.


Permian fauna from Morocco

Believe it or not, Africa was full of dinosaurs. Africa also holds the pride for being the birthplace of human. Africa is still called the nature’s land… what’s so special about Africa?


The Horn Crusher

The poor guy in this illustration is an ankylosaurus. They had horns to defend themselves, but nothing worked against a T-rex.


Lexovisaurus vs Allosaurus

Things were mostly brutal, very brutal in Jurassic era.


Resting Dinosaur

Just imagine yourself, walking down on a lonely path during night, in a dark jungle. You make a turn and suddenly a huge dinosaur is in front of you. Now try not imagining this scene when you go to bed tonight.


Undead Demon Dinosaur

Is it a demon? Is it a dragon? Nope, just a friendly neighborhood dinosaur.


Dinosaur Demon

Good thing they don’t exist anymore, or you could be that guy.


Arttrade for Anniechan

This is a lizard, but of Jurassic proportions.


Midnight Stroll – Dinosaur

You know sometimes you take a midnight stroll in the empty roads. It’s a calming but cheerful experience.

Now let’s see what dinosaurs did on their midnight strolls.


Facing Doom

These were the times when humans were not at all the superior race.


That’s all folks. See you tomorrow.