Quick and Easy DIY Projects You Can Pull Off with Old Candle Jars

Candle jars
Photo by Fabio Issao on Unsplash

If burning scented candles all around your home happens to be your idea of self-care, you probably have a bunch of old jars lying around your home. Instead of throwing them away, try putting a DIY twist on them with one of these fun projects.

Tiny Planter

If you’re a huge fan of succulents and other tiny plants, there’s no need to buy planters for them since you can buy them on your own. Just clean up your old candle jars and use them to grow some new plants.

Pen Holder

Throwing away candle jars isn’t easy because they’re often beautifully designed, so why not reuse them as a pen holder in your office?

Liquor Glasses

It’s pretty common for candle jars to be made of thick, durable glass. Some of them can be reused as liquor glasses, but it’s extremely important to put an extra effort into removing all the excess wax if you’re going to use them for drink and food.

Food Storage

If you have one of those enormous candle jars, you can easily use them for storage in your kitchen. After cleaning them up properly, transform them into storage jars for coffee, sugar, tea, and more.