Mara Hoffman Will Knock You Off Your Feet with Her Quirky and Sustainable Designs

Sustainable fashion experienced a huge boom in the past few years, but there are some brands that embraced it long before it was cool. Mara Hoffman is one of them, and her unique, quirky, and colorful designs also happen to be eco-friendly.

Hoffman founded her eponymous label in 2000, after graduating from the Parsons School of Design in New York. She made a huge boom by crafting colorful collections of clothes inspired by and made in celebration of women and eventually embraced a more sustainable approach to making her clothes.

According to the brand’s official website, Mara Hoffman now aims to design and manufacture clothes with greater care, reduce their impact on the planet, and generate awareness of the industry’s responsibility in climate justice.

In an attempt to foster mindful consumption habits, Mara Hoffman started working with GOTS-certified cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester, but the brand’s commitment to the environment isn’t the only thing we admire about it.

Hoffman’s designs won us over with their vibrant colors and breezy silhouettes. They manage to look like works of art but are still comfortable and cozy at the same time. The power of women remains the brand’s main driving force, and each of her collections is inspired by women who are committed to making change.