Rommy De Bommy’s Bags Blend Food and Fashion Into One

Fashion and food don’t often mix together, but we’ve seen several brands find viral fame after managing to find the perfect fusion between the two. Rommy De Bommy is one of them, and their quirky bags are inspired by some of the most delicious comfort foods on the market.

This fashion brand was founded by Rommy Kuprus, a 29-year-old designer based in the Netherlands. She shortly studied product design but didn’t feel like she belonged there because she always marched to the beat of her own drum and eventually decided to start her own brand.

Rommy De Bommy became a true sensation thanks to its food-inspired designs. Kuprus always enjoyed creating things that seemed impossible, and the challenge of making food purses from patterned printing fabrics appealed to her because she’s a huge foodie.

“Food had always my biggest interest. I love the look of it. All those shapes, different colors, and textures. It’s incredible! Since I couldn’t find purses who look like real foods on the internet or in stores I started to create them by myself,” she explains on her official website.

Kuprus usually draws inspiration from the Instagram and Pinterest accounts of pastry chefs, and she uses different kinds of clay foams to bring her food-shaped bags to life.