LaceMade’s Designs Will Take You Straight Back to the Past

It’s not uncommon for fashion designers to draw inspiration from past eras, but LaceMade is taking things to a whole new level. Their designs will make you feel like you stepped into a time machine and traveled decades or even centuries back to the past.

LaceMade was originally founded in 2016 and they mastered the art of crafting vintage clothes with a modern touch in the years to come. According to their official website, they draw inspiration “from oil paintings, old movies, historical clothing and the beauty of nature.”

Their designs can be described as delicate, dreamy, and romantic, and they usually use floral prints, jacquard fabric, bows, ribbons, and lace in their creation. Their clothes perfectly fit into cottagecore aesthetics, and we wouldn’t blame you if you mixed them up with historical clothes from the eras that they’re inspired by because they look truly spot-on.

LaceMade mainly focuses on crafting “feminine but powerful” clothes, with a special emphasis on corsets. They’re the brand’s signature product, but their offer includes a wide range of other clothes, from skirts and dresses to tops and knitwear.

You can head to the brand’s official website to discover all the whimsical designs they have in store and pick the one that will help you bring your fairy tale to life.