Kristi Hemric Will Help You Take Travel Photos That Truly Pop

Taking good travel pictures is easier said than done because you have to overcome many obstacles to make your photos truly pop. From dealing with big crowds to making her photos less touristy, Kristi Hemric mastered every trick in the book and she’s now teaching other people how to take their travel photos to the next level.

Hemric hails from Dallas, but we’ve seen her explore many different places around the world on her Instagram page @khemric, which is followed by over 400,000 people. After years of living in Dubai, she’s currently based in New York and runs the lifestyle and travel blog Chic Itinerary.

Most of her content nowadays centers around helping travelers take the best photos that will truly stand out on their Instagram feed. After years of experience as a travel blogger, Hemric knows what it takes to take the most Instagram-friendly shots, and she enjoys sharing the secrets of the trade with the rest of the world.

From showing you how to get people out of your photos in crowded places to sharing useful posing tips, Hemric is a true master when it comes to capturing the best angles and moments. Her viral posts will inspire you to experiment with your travel photos the next time you hit the road and make them truly stand out.