Liz Fenwick is Taking YouTube By Storm With Her DIY Dollar Tree Videos

If you’re a huge DIY enthusiast with a very limited budget, Liz Fenwick is about to become your favorite DIY creator. She specializes in attainable and affordable home DIYs, and her Dollar Tree videos are the biggest hit on her YouTube channel.

Since deciding to share her DIY skills online in 2018, Fenwick has attracted a total of over a million followers across several social media channels, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Her YouTube channel is definitely the biggest hit and it features hundreds of DIY videos, hacks, and Dollar Tree finds, but how did she fall in love with creating DIY content?

After graduating from college, Fenwick moved into a duplex and quickly realized she’ll struggle to decorate it the way she wanted on a kindergarten teacher salary. She didn’t want to let her tight budget stop her from building the home she always wanted, so she got to work!

“I began researching the look I wanted for my home in high-end stores that were way out of my price range. I gathered inspiration from these stores and took myself down to the thrift store to recreate the same looks for less,” she explains on her YouTube channel.

DIY became a creative outlet for Fenwick, and she later decided to mix it up with her love for teaching. She started sharing DIY tutorials on YouTube, in the hope she’ll help other people discover their love for DIY, and this quickly became her full-time job.