This Cottagecore Brand Will Make You Fall in Love With “Little Women” All Over Again

Louisa May Alcott’s iconic novel Little Women has been inspiring artists for decades—and some of them just happen to work in the realm of fashion. That happens to be the case with the two sisters who founded a brand called Little Women Atelier, drawing inspiration from the March sisters’ adventures.

LWA was founded by sisters Luiza and Julia, who fell in love with hand-making things at a young age thanks to their mother and grandma. They sewed and knitted most of their clothes, from dresses to woolen cardigans, and they wanted to build a home filled with that same kind of domestic warmth once they became mothers themselves.

The duo eventually decided to launch their own brand, and their dresses are not just garments, but “a tradition passed from mother to daughter”, inspired by one of the most iconic American novels.

“Our source of inspiration is the lovely March sisters, from the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Together with them, we walked in the morning garden, bravely met the vicissitudes of fate, and shared simple happiness. Like the March sisters, we set to work together,” reads LWA’s official website.

Luiza and Julia pride themselves on making sustainable products informed by slow fashion practices. All of their cottagecore dresses are made with certified natural fabrics, primarily linen and wool.