3 Things to Keep in Mind When Adding Text to Your Instagram Reels

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Instagram reels are all the rage on this social media platform and many creators are using them to drive traffic to their pages. Text is often an essential part of Instagram reels and here are three things you should keep in mind before adding it to your videos.

Text or No Text?

If you’re wondering if you should add text to your reels in the first place, the answer is usually “yes”. Most people watch videos online without the sound on, and adding subtitles to your reels is a no-brainer. People with hearing difficulties will especially appreciate you making an effort to add text to your reels.

Right Placement

Pay extra attention to your text placement so the people watching could read it without difficulties. It’s always safest to keep the text somewhere around the middle of the screen, where it’s the easiest to read and will still be visible on your feed.

Right Length

The main point of the text in your reels is to give viewers the context and catch their attention, so there’s no need to write a whole novel. Keep things short and sweet because users should be able to read it before they’re done watching the reel.