H&M Home is Putting Candy Cane Decorations on the Map This Holiday Season

Candy canes are one of the timeless symbols of Christmas and they’re going stronger than ever this winter. Red and white patterns will take our homes by storm this holiday season and H&M Home is one of the home décor brands putting this craze on the map.

Candy Cane Ornaments

The easiest way to welcome candy cane decorations into your home is pretty obvious. Red and white ornaments are all the rage this year and they belong on your Christmas tree.  

Candy Cane Candles

If you’re a huge fan of colorful candles, H&M Home will win you over with their candy cane-colored collection. Mix them up with regular red and white candles to make things even more festive.

Candy Cane Wallpapers

In the mood to give your home a really drastic makeover this holiday season and make it as festive as it gets? Candy cane wallpapers will do the trick!

Candy Cane Decorations

If you’re really a huge fan of this festive trend and want to go all-in when decorating your home for Christmas, oversized candy cane decorations will do the trick.

Candy Cane Paper Wrap

Why stick to just decorating your home with candy cane patterns, when you can give them to others, as well? Get some candy cane paper wrapping and use it to pack your Christmas presents this holiday season.