Doug Aitken’s Mirror House in Switzerland is a True Marvel of Modern Architecture

Doug Aitken worked on everything from film and sound installations to photography and live performances, establishing himself as an all-around artist, but one of his creations stands above all else. He’s the mastermind behind a mirror house called Mirage Gstaad, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Located in Gstaad, Switzerland, this miracle of modern architecture has been installed in 2019, and it’s not Aitken’s first attempt to create a mirror house. He embarked on this adventure with Mirage in 2017, which premiered at Desert X, near Palm Springs, followed by Mirage Detroit one year later.

Mirage Gstaad was a culmination of his work because he found the most perfect location for the final project from this series. Despite its generic structure, this house is a true miracle thanks to its mirror-covered walls that allow you to disappear into it as it becomes one with its surroundings.

The mountain location in the Swiss Alps allowed this house to interact with nature and reflect the beauty of its surrounding landscapes as seasons change.

“The viewer can come back to the piece as the seasons are changing, in fall in a storm or in the summer when it’s a green pasture. As our lives change the artwork is shifting with us,” Aitken told Dezeen, adding that the house is “the sum of the landscape around it.”