Agnes Hansella is Mixing Architecture and Macramé Art Together

Macramé art experienced a real boom and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The list of artists who found exposure online thanks to their incredible textile creations is pretty much endless, but there’s something that sets Agnes Hansella apart.

The Indonesian textile artist caught our eye after she started crafting ornamental wall hangings, which can be used to decorate entire buildings. The latest art installation that she impressed us with was made for Bali’s Locca Beach House, which measures 766 cm from top to bottom.

The piece in question is titled “Mountain”, and it took eight people and 12 days to stage the entire thing using three enormous macramés. The final result is truly stunning and it proves it’s possible to mix this textile art form with design and architecture elements.

Large-scale macramés may be Hansella’s most impressive work, but they’re not the only ones she has in store. She’s a self-taught artist who’s been doing textile art in 2017, and she’s created many amazing pieces throughout her creative journey, ranging from decorative wall hangers to hammocks, umbrellas, and stools.