Free PSD Resumes for Designers

Creatively designed single-color PSD resumes for designers.  

If were a film, your resume would be your trailer! A resume (also called CV) is what makes your first impression. That means your first impression is made even before someone has seen your work or yourself.

This fact makes a designer’s life even more difficult because designers are supposed to create something outrageous for their first impression!

There are two ways to create this first impression:

  1. Make a very simple resume with no styling whatsoever.
  2. Design a creative resume.

Usually designers are expected to create an out-of-the-ordinary resume.
If you are looking for a good resume design, here’s one. As usual, royalty-free. You’re allowed to use it commercially.

Check out the tutorial for designing this resume

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Retro Look

This is my favorite. This is the one I originally designed.

retro look resume

Blue Variation

Just a variation of color I tried.

Resume in blue

Pink Variation

Girls like pink!

pink resume templates