20 Paint Brush Fonts for Creating Artistic Typographies

These are paint brush fonts that create the illusion paint stroke typography. Believe me, it looks truly incredible. As usual, these are all amazing fonts for your inspiration. You can download all of these brush script fonts if you only want to.

This is a very popular type of font because they are easy to use and very adaptable. Also, with these font in your designs, you will be able to create amazing creations. These are brush script fonts that add a traditional artistic touch to any design. These fonts add a very nice personal touch. The human touch. I love these fonts and can not wait to try them on the designs that I am planning to make in the future.

But it doesn’t matter how much one loves these fonts, we must only use these fonts when we are writing large, very large blocks of text. I don’t think they’ll look as great on small graphics, but they will surely light up a billboard or a poster. That is a fact.

Let me remind that we did not make these fonts, we are only sharing the links and download file. The rights and license of these fonts belong to the creators so check the source site for legal details.

These paint brush fonts can create more than just paint script typographic effect. They create brilliant charcoal sketch as well.

If you use these wisely, they can make you the best graphics you have ever seen.


A very cozy and soft brush font that looks hand-painted. A personal touch to your unique design work.

Hackney Hand-Painted SVG Font (Free Download)

Another incredible hand-painted brush font.

Odachi – Free Brush Font

A beautiful example on how you could use this original font brush that is completely free for you to download and use for your designs.


A very elegant brush font that would look incredible next to a hot cup of coffee.


A very distinctive font brush for your inspiration.

Marchello Brush Style Font

A very stylish font that can be use for many various designs and projects.

Estebak Brush Font

A font brush that is both modern and vintage at the same time. The exact thing that you would want for your design to look really stylish and fresh but a hint of something original.


A very sleek font brush.

Daviton SVG Freestyle Font

A font brush that is a little bit more spontaneous but very clear.

Melony – Brushy Font

Hangbird Typeface

A very elegant font brush for your designs.

Hangbird Typeface

Dogfight Brush Font

A rough but very interest brush font. Can you imagine all of the original designs you could make by using it? Incredible work.


Heady Rough SVG Typeface

Freebie: Perfect Moment Handwritten Font

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Heady Rough SVG Typeface

Aversa Brush Font

Aversa Brush Font

Rosekind SVG Font

Mischief – Brush Font + Extras