10 jQuery Parallax Scrolling Plugins and Tutorials

Get the best plugins to add jquery parallax scrolling in to your website.

jQuery Parallax scrolling is a new way to add dynamic scroll to your website. Mainly this is a visual effect. It was used to be in video games but now it is coming in to web design and making everybody drop their jaws!

Recently we shared 50 Best Parallax Scrolling Examples, and since that post was a big hit, now we are sharing a follow-up post.

This post is a list of ten free jQuery parallax plugins which help you create this fantastic visual effect in your own web designs.

Now I’m writing a snippet of description on each of these jquery plugins. They will contain some information and ideas to use it properly, but you should also put your mind to work and find creative ways to use them.

jQuery Parallax Scrolling Plugins

Parallax Slider
A superb slideshow. If you need a scroller/slideshow in your next web design, this plugin is sure to give you something extra.

Parallax Slider Plugin
Scrolling Parallax
Girls and programmers hate bugs. Different kind of bugs, but bugs nonetheless. You can check out this plugin, this comes in varieties. Easier to edit as well.

scrolling Parallax
This is the vintage parallax scrolling effect. That’s the plugin you need when a client says he needs parallax scrolling in his website.

scrolly jquery parallax
Open this page to get live demo. The working is nice, it makes your header dynamic and interactive, but one thing for sure; you’ll have to make edits before using it.

Spritely jquery Parallax Plugin

 jQuery Scroll Path
I loved this one. Won’t give you a spoiler about what this does… you can make a guess from the name though 🙂
Note: Be sure to check it’s compatibility. I don’t think it’ll be supported by all browsers.

jquery scroll path parallax


Scroll Deck

Cool effect, very elegant not that “look at me, how cool I am” kind of thing.

Scroll Deck Parallax Scrolling Plugin

The very basic parallax scrolling plugin. If you’re doing parallax scrolling for the first time, this should be the plugin for you.

Stellar Scrolling Parallax Plugin

Super Scrollorama
This is exactly “look at me, how cool I am” kind of thing 😛

Scroll o Rama Parallax

This is advanced stuff. You use three images as separate layers and they response to user’s behaviors. I wouldn’t recommend this to beginning level users, but if you have played with parallax scrolling in past, you should definitely try this one.


One thing I liked about this one is that it is documented properly. We programmers don’t always do a good job with documentation. It’s documentation makes it friendly for beginners as well.

Plax Jquery Parallax Plugin