500+ Free Illustrator Patterns to Download

Illustrator is the premium resource for designing vectors. So today, we are presenting a resource for this global leader of vector designing software. This is a collection free illustrator patterns.

You can use these patterns to create backgrounds, borders and separators or dividers.

These illustrator patterns work exactly the way photoshop patterns work, but of course, these ones of for Illustrator.

This collection includes patterns not just for graphic designers but web designers as well.

Free Illustrator Patterns

The Geek In Me

The geek in me told me to put this one on top.

geek illustrator patterns

Alice in Wonderland Pattern

This is how wonderland looks like in vector.

alice cartoon illustrator swatches

Seamless ornament pattern

Ornament patterns are one of my favorite types of patterns.

floral design resources


Damask. When the world “style” just isn’t enough.

adobe illustrator swatches

Retro Nature Pattern Pack

I love retro. I make many posts on this topic. If you ever need to design retro graphics, don’t forget to use my retro fonts.

graphical nature

Vector Pattern

Such vector patterns for illustrator help you design out of the ordinary stuff. I especially find African theme in this pattern set.

abstract vectors


I hope you are not colorblind, but if you are, you must understand what this means.

colorful dots pattern


Morocco is a cool (only a metaphor, actually it is very hot) country.

Free collection of illustrator patterns

Red Damask

Damask comes back, in red this time.

bloody damask vector

Hand-Drawn Scrolls

Hand drawn patterns add lots of style to your designs.

dooodle vector patterns

Vintage Velvet

Velvet is my favorite cloth type to lay on.

old times velvet patterns

Zebra Stripes

“our drivers think that they should only stop at zebra crossing if a zebra is crossing!” – Me

colorful zebra design


Oh I would so love to be in the military…. but I’m a geek so I can only share military patterns and solute the brave men and women of our country.

wide collection swatches

Elegant Floral

This illustrator pattern looks like a wall sticker, doesn’t it?

floral repeating textures


Plaid… not to be confused with “played”.

repeating illustrator art

Gears and Cogs

This pattern is for the designs related to engineering of any kind.

machine tectures

Henna Floral

Have you ever had henna tattoos? Girls should!

traditional henna design texture

Vintage Retro

Retro is back. You can also check out these retro design photoshop tutorials.

retro pattern

Gothic Grunge

Goth is a unique thing. If you wanna see something crazy, check out this Gothic fashion photos.

horror black illustrator swatches

Seamless Stripes

Stripes are the oldest form of seamless patterns for illustrator.

wonderful color stripes

Helvetica Abc

Helvetica is the grand master of most of the fonts being used today.

scattered alphabets pattern

Stylized Clouds

Clouds are refreshing… so is this illustrator pattern.

cloud in patterns

Mono Circles

Don’t through darts, just use these illustrator patterns creatively.

abstract circles patterns

Organic Set

Organic floral pattern set.

natural illustrator patterns

Argyle Patterns

Argyle patterns can look really great if used appropriately.

old sweater pattern designs

Stars & Stripes

If I ever have my own country, this would be my flag.

collection of stars and stripes pattern

Grungy Beige Patterns

If you like grunge, here are some grunge brushes for photoshop.


grunge texture

rounded beige adobe illustrator pattern

square shape pattern

collection of repeating design

grunge brown

Kflower Illustrator Pattern

Flowery set of illustrator patterns.

wide set of flowers designs


The screenshot is in black and white but of course you can use these illustrator patterns much more creatively.

simple patterns

7 Useful Patterns

These are seven patterns that I feel very useful for creating backgrounds. They are equally useful for graphic designers and web designers.

useful line and dots illustrator swatches

Polkadot Patterns

I had ties like these.

grunge polkadots graphics

Olive Green

One of my favorite colors.. and a very elegant patterns set.

stripes and sqaure illustrator resources

Softly Plaidly

Fabric like illustrator patterns for graphic designers.

Awesome fashion patterns

halftone madness

Halftone means that these fonts include only solid black or solid white colors. So they are great for printing presses.

halftone resources

Halftone Patterns

Another set of illustrator patterns ideal for printing presses.

free halftone graphics

Fifties Wallpaper Pattern

Bring back 1950s with this pattern set.

old time wall textures

Paisley Seamless Pattern

This is a seamless pattern. I loved it.

free ladies fashion pattern design

Grungy Fleur De Lis

I don’t know what this is.

old creative pattern

Twisted Floral

I used to see things like these in the microscope during school.

cluttery floral design

Vector Amazing Patterns

Looks like embroidery on traditional south Asian dresses.

free adobe llustrator patterns

Duck Repeat

These ducks remind me of bowling pins.

animal patterns

Waves Pattern Pack

Bring back 1920s with these illustrator patterns.

vector waves graphics

Two bubbles patterns

Let’s end the post with these two patterns.

bubbles patterns