20 Clever Uses of Stickers in Advertising

Everybody loves stickers, right? You might not think about it often, but those cute little pieces of sticky paper that often feature an amusing message or supportive slogan are always a lot of fun. We love getting free stickers in magazines, in goody bags, or even at parties and events, but stickers can also mean serious business. Advertisers and brands are constantly thinking up original and creative ways to use stickers as part of their marketing campaigns, and a well-placed sticker can be some of the most powerful and effective forms of advertising out there. If they’re doing it right, you won’t even realise it’s an ad. So, with that in mind, we’ve done the leg work of trawling through the deepest and darkest depths of the internet to find the smartest use of stickers you will ever see. Join us on this most sticker-licious marathon!

Lays – Jackson Tunnel

Lays, or Walkers to us British folk, stuck a sticker on the ceiling of a subway, which gave the impression that potatoes were growing above commuter’s heads. This was to emphasise that the ingredients used are home grown as opposed to being outsourced on the cheap.

potato grows near you.

Kleenes – Got Flu?

During a flu epidemic, Kleenex added some rather off-putting stickers to soap dispensers in public bathrooms. Their aim was to highlight the fact that Kleenex tissues are a great way catch and kill the snot inducing virus.

soap dispenser

Pedigree – Cat Food

Pedigree launched an advertising campaign that involved placing scented stickers on the floor outside of pet shops and supermarkets, to entice dogs and encourage their owners to purchase their dog food.

funny sticker on the street

Batman Begins

To promote the launch of Batman Begins, stickers were place on the ground lights outside of cinema theatres, projecting his signal when the lights came on at night.

unique advertisement

Tatto – Stickers on the Mirror

Thinking about getting a tattoo but hesitant to take the plunge? A New Zealand tattoo parlour stuck stickers on mirrors in rest and changing rooms so people can try before they buy.

Mirror Stickers


Indavideó, Hungary’s equivalent to YouTube, partnered with Vodafone to advertise the launch of mobile internet. They placed stickers over bus windows, giving the impression that passengers were watching a video as the outside world passed them by.

train advertisement

Irish Pub – Hot Wings

Le Cactus restaurant and bar wanted to advertise their “Monday Hot Wings” on a shoe string budget, and came up with this ingenious vinyl to stick over the rear brake light.

funny car sticker

Superman Movie

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s an awesome advertising stunt to promote the Super Man movie using vinyl stickers. This is sure to brighten up anyone’s morning on their way to work.

funny advertisement

Jobs in Town

As part of their advertising campaign, a German job website added clever stickers to the side of coffee machines, ATM’s, laundry machines and juke boxes to emphasise the fact that life’s too short for the wrong job. The campaign was a huge success and drove vast amounts of traffic to their website.

funny clever advertisement

Canon – Waterproof Camera

Canon promoted their waterproof camera by placing stickers over sink drains in shopping centres, restaurants and gyms. Smile!

funny ways to advertise

Safe Driving

On a more serious note, these stickers were placed on parked car’s wing mirrors to portray how important it is to check them before pulling out into the road.

Funny Advertisement car stickers

Ambient – Entel Connector

Telecom Technology Company Entel NGN placed connector stickers on the side of buildings, ships and trucks to encourage companies to use their networking solutions.

net connector for business users

Demolition Magazine

Surfs up dude! This extreme sports magazine added surf board stickers to elevators for commuters to stand on. Gnarly!

funny outdoor advertisement

Pro Skates Skateboard

Keeping with the theme, PRO SKATE placed removable vinyl stickers onto crosswalk signs near schools and skate parks.

pro skate boarding


This cleverly placed sticker puts a mundane and overlooked object in a completely differently light.

funny sticker ad


This fantastic Specsavers vinyl gives the impression that the driver has backed into a sign, featuring their world famous tag line.

hilarious specsaver advert