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The Wonderful World of Mentat Gamze’s Red Dot Tattoos

It’s extremely important for tattoo artists to develop their own style and come up with something that separates them from everyone else,...

Duda Lozano Creates Intricate Embroidery Tattoos

Embroidery and tattoos are two art forms that usually don’t mix together, but Duda Lozano decided to change that. Brazilian tattoo artists...

Yatzil Elizalde’s Blurry Effect Tattoos Are Giving Us Double Vision

It’s pretty difficult to stand out in the sea of talented tattoo artists, but Yatzil Elizalde found a way. She made a...

3D Tattoos that are Unbelievably Brilliant

A collection of the greatest 3D tattoos you can find. Half them are for women and half are for men.

100 Most Beautiful Youthful Tattoos for Girls

This is a huge showcase of youthful, lively tattoos for girls. All tattoos have high quality images so you can see how they would look on you.

50 Beautiful Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos or Mehndi tattoos are wore by women all around. They look great, they are healthy, they cause no pain and are very charming.

30 Brilliant Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are the ones that are painted on your skin, and they vanish in a few days.

50 Absolutely Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoos

These are stunningly beautiful butterfly tattoos. This collection includes the amazing 3D butterfly tattoos as well.