Inez Janiak’s Sketch Tattoos Are Perfectly Imperfect

Some artists like to look for beauty in imperfections, and that’s exactly the case with Inez Janiak. The Polish tattoo artist made a name for herself with her sketch style body art, which will make you see imperfect and broken lines in a whole new light.

A lot of work goes into each of Janiak’s signature tattoos, yet they look unfinished at first glance. That’s because she adopted a special technique, giving her tattoos the illusion of charcoal sketches through her broken strokes and special shadowing technique.

Janiak’s tattoos may seem rough and incomplete, but if you pay close attention to each one you’ll notice she’s very consistent with her work. She wants each of her creations to imitate the pencil sketch as faithfully as possible, and she’s definitely succeeding.

Janiak mostly draws inspiration from nature, especially the animal world, but there are exceptions to this rule. She also happens to be a huge fan of bold themes and abstractions, and some of her tattoos are even inspired by popular culture.