Yatzil Elizalde’s Blurry Effect Tattoos Are Giving Us Double Vision

It’s pretty difficult to stand out in the sea of talented tattoo artists, but Yatzil Elizalde found a way. She made a name for herself with her signature “Blurry Effect” tattoos that are basically an optical illusion you can wear on your skin.

Elizalde’s most popular tattoos will make you dizzy and give you double vision with their mind-bending designs. They usually consist of the same image, stacked on top of itself two or three times, creating the blurry effect that looks really fantastic.


The Mexican tattoo artist experimented with many different techniques before embracing this style. It’s a real challenge to create these blurry tattoos, and anyone else would get dizzy along the way, but not Elizalde. She enjoys every little detail of this process and finds it even more interesting as her technique progresses over time.

Elizalde told Bored Panda that there’s still a lot to discover within the world of optical illusion in tattoos, and she’s looking forward to trying new concepts. We feel the same way because her “Blurry Effect” tattoos fully embrace all the confusion and dizziness of our daily lives and transform them into something amazing.