The Pantone Spring-Summer 2021 Color Palette is Here!

Colors have mood-altering effects and there’s no doubt that the shade you choose to paint your living room or the hue of your t-shirt can brighten your mood. Each year there are certain colors that we tend to see everywhere and they’re influenced by Pantone’s color palette. These colors guide fashion designers as well as interior decorators when they create their new collections.

Pantone released their Spring-Summer 2021 New York Fashion Week color palette shades a few days ago and the colors this year include some stand-outs and classics that will add a much-needed brightness to your life.

Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman said the colors give the opportunity to have fun and create cool combinations, “Here, we’ve got light, mid tone, bright and dark. What it’s playing to is this whole idea of more choices for people. The idea is that they have had so little choice in so many other areas of their lives in the last several months, let’s try to have some fun again. That’s what we’re looking for and fashion gives us that opportunity.”

Altogether, there are 15 shades with ten of them being standouts and including Marigold, Cerulean, Rust, Illuminating, French Blue, Green Ash, Burnt Coral, Mint, Amethyst Orchid, and Raspberry Sorbet. The five classic shades are Inkwell, Ultimate Gray, Buttercream, Desert Mist, and Willow.

We can’t wait to see all the new home decor and fashion collections that will be released soon and how they’re influenced by the new color trends.