Small Living Space? These Home Decor Items are Multipurpose

If you live in a small apartment, you know just how difficult it is to make the most out of your space. Most of your time is probably spent in your living room and it’s where you work out, work, watch Netflix, and entertain your friends. It also may be where you eat your meals, doubling as a dining room. To make your living room/dining room look cohesive, you need decorating ideas and furniture pieces, and these useful tips will help you own your space.

Take Advantage of Extra Seating

If you have guests over often, it’s important to have enough space for people to sit. Use chairs and tools as accent tables to display books and candles. Benches can be used in the entryway to store your bags and keys.

Create a Makeshift Bar on a Bookcase

You probably don’t have enough room for a bar, but you can display all of your favorite adult beverages on a bookshelf or media unit. Get a decorative tray to display your bottles and accessories.

Extend the Living Room Decor to the Dining Table

Having a dining room table in your living room can look out of place, so to remedy this issue, use your table as an extension of the living room. Decorate your table like you would your living room furniture and display coffee table books, candles, a plant, or a fruit basket.

Use a Sideboard as a Media Console

Instead of a media console, use a sideboard to house your TV. The built-in storage unit is perfect for storing linens, glasses, and dishes.