Italian Designers Create Iconic Handbags From Wrappers

Designers Chiara Rivituso and Matteo Bastiani are engaged to be married and they’ve worked together in fashion design for several years. Their focus has been on bags and accessories and their latest project turns discarded packaging from recognizable brands like Oreo, Heineken, Nike, and Amazon into bags modeled after luxury brands like Prada and Dior.

Their mission is to be more eco-friendly, “[It’s] to communicate our vision of a more sustainable environment,” Rivituso wrote. 

The designs really look like the expensive versions of the bags they’re replicating—there’s a Fendi baguette bag made from McDonald’s brown bags that has the fast-food establishments M logo on its buckles and a Dior Saddle bag designed from a Kellog’s Corn Flakes cereal box that Kellog’s brand K replacing the metal D found on Dior bags.

But, it’s not only food packages that the couple uses, they also use packaging from fashion labels. Their Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito teeny-tiny bag uses paper from a Chanel beauty bag.

So, how did they come up with the idea? It all began when they wanted to challenge themselves creatively and they created their first bag, the Balenciaga Bazaar made from Tesco shopping bags. They were inspired to focus on reusing and, “the challenge was mixing and matching something from everyday life and iconic fashion world and to explore the possibility to switch.”

During COVID, Rivituso and Bastiani were inspired to make use of what they had lying around their house and to be more sustainable. They hope to inspire people to create instead of wasting what they have instead of buying new.

Unfortunately, the bags aren’t available for sale yet, but they hope to launch an exhibition for the bags and they’re not opposed to selling them. Currently, they’re creating behind-the-scenes how-to tutorials to show people how to create their own DIY bags.