5 Crafts to Create in the Sunshine

There’s something about doing arts and crafts that transports us to the simpler times of our childhood. What’s even better is when we can do art projects outside while basking in the sun in the summer. So head to your backyard or patio and enjoy all that nature has to offer while creating some amazing art projects. These projects incorporate leaves, sea glass, and rocks, and once you’re done creating them, you can decorate your home with them.

Sun Printing

Collect all of nature’s finest treasures on the beach and in the woods including pinecones, leaves, and feathers. On a sunny day put what you collected on a sheet of light-sensitive paper and watch the light capture the silhouettes. You can create awesome nature-inspired pillows and bedsheets!


Did you know that you can tie-dye with vegetables, plants, and fruit? Or if you prefer, you can always get an already made kit at the store. Prepare to roll up your sleeves, put some gloves on, and transform a white t-shirt or any other cotton item you prefer.

Kokedama Garderning

This Japanese gardening technique wraps plants in moss instead of placing them in pots. Plants are great for reducing stress and purifying the air.

Glass Art

Head to the beach and look for some sea glass which can be used for jewelery, stepping stones for the garden, trays, or artwork. We love the rich blue and green colors.


Rock Art

This project is simple enough for kids to do and all you need are some rocks, stones, or pebbles from your garden. Once you’re done painting them, you can hide them along trails for other people to find and enjoy. You can even put cute sayings on them, which are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.