Glitter Artists Yana Potter Creates the Most Dazzling Photos on Instagram

Graphic designers use Photoshop for all sorts of different things, and Yana Potter is using it to make the world a little bit better, shinier place. The viral glitter artists developed a special technique that she uses to make seemingly-ordinary photos more dazzling and magical.

Before discovering her love for glitter art and starting a viral Instagram account last year, Potter graduated university with a photography degree and attended several professional courses in related fields. She’s not completely self-thought, but her signature glitter technique is something that she came up with on her own.

Potter’s followers often ask her how she makes her photos so sparkly, but there’s no magic wand you can use to recreate this effect. Each photo is unique in its own right, and it usually takes several hours to create a single one since there’s no single scheme that always works.

Potter currently has over 120,000 followers, and her page became Instagram’s main source of glitter art. She draws inspiration from everything around her and tries to listen to her intuition as each new photo takes her on a different creative journey.