Celebrate the Beautiful Colors of Fall With These Leaf Crafts

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when walking outside and seeing all the beautiful leaves falling from the trees. The rich reds, golds, and oranges found in nature provide an endless supply of craft ideas that are perfect for doing by yourself or with your children. Once the temperatures start to drop, go outside for a nature walk and collect as many leaves as you can for these art projects. Once your done, you’ll have some great home decor pieces that are one of a kind.

Leaf-Stamped Table Runner

Create your very own custom table runner that’s perfect for a casual meal or Thanksgiving dinner. All you need is fabric paints in fall colors like browns, dark greens, deep reds, and rich yellows, a long piece of linen or burlap material, a paint roller, and fallen leaves. With a paint roller, coat a fallen leaf one at a time in fabric paint and press it, paint-side down onto the material. Then, place a piece of paper on top and roll over it with a brayer to capture the little details.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Wreaths are a fall staple and all you need for this project are a metal wreath-frame and fresh magnolia leaves. Once you have your materials, thread fresh magnolia leaves through the frame one by one.


Watercolor Leaf Art

Begin by taking a walk outside to find the leaves you want to use for this project. Then with a pencil, lightly trace a leaf onto watercolor paper and dip a paintbrush in plain water and fill in and saturate the leaf shape. Dip the brush in watercolor paint and carefully touch it to the wet shape in a few places. Then, gently erase the outside so you can’t see it.