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50 Awe-Inspiring Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are probably the most beautiful paintings you can make with a brush. They usually express a moment, a feel, or an idea.

20 Illustrator Brushes for Download

This is an essential resource for every designer working with Adobe Illustrator. This post contains free illustrator brushes for download.

25 Stunning Digitally Painted Landscapes & Backgrounds

A list of 25 stunning digitally painted landscapes and backgrounds to boost your creative inspiration.

17 Brilliant Examples of Matte Painting

Brilliant Example of Matte Painting Gathered from Deviant Art Matte painting is the combination of 3D rendering, photographic elements, hand-painted.

38 Stupid Fox Comic – Super Cute and Funny comics

Stupid Fox Comic - Super Cute and Funny comics SilentReaper from deviant made these comics about a "stupid" yet to cute fox.

BRAINS! 30 Zombie-rific Paintings

With Halloween around the corner I figured we could start the scares early with nice big dose of Zombies!

A Bevy of Beautiful Blue Animals

If you like the color blue, or you like wildlife, or you like to see blue animals, blue birds, blue reptiles, blue fish and all kinds of blue animals.

15 Awesome Dinosaur Illustrations and Digital Art

These are digital artworks, dinosaur illustrations. If you like art, you will love these highly detailed digital paintings.