We Bet You’ve Already Seen Lirika Matoshi’s Girly, Whimsical Designs

If there’s an official dress of Summer 2020, it would be Lirika Matoshi’s “The Strawberry Dress.” This midi dress has inspired memes, tweets, and videos of people making knockoff versions of the dress. The dress costs $490 and it features pink tulle covered in red sequin strawberry embellishments with a deep V-neckline, ruffled hem, puffy sleeves, and a cinched waist.

The strawberry dress is just one of Lirika Matoshi’s designs, which fit in perfectly with a girly-girly aesthetic. Matoshi actually began her creative journey in 2016 by creating choker necklaces on Etsy before her hand-embellished tights, glittery dresses and socks, and crystal-embellished tops reached Instagram. What’s most inspiring about the designer is that she hasn’t had any formal fashion school training and that she credits her Kosovo-based fashion designer sister, Teuta Matoshi, as her inspiration.

In the summer of 2018, the brand opened a pop-up and Lirika Matoshi’s designs can now be seen in retailers worldwide including Nordstrom. In addition to having over 800,000 Instagram followers, the brand has a huge celebrity following including Tess Holliday who whore a custom version of the strawberry dress to the 2020 Grammy’s. Tess Holiday referred to the dress as “If Strawberry Shortcake & Lana Del Rey had a baby.”

The Strawberry midi dress is what gained viral fame, and since then Matoshi has created a similar mini dress in a milkmaid style featuring the pink shade and strawberry embellishments and she’s even created a matching face mask!

Some of her other designs to check out include her Disney Princess x Lirika Matoshi collection for Cinderella which features puffy dresses in dreamy pastel colors, cloud dresses in pink, white, and baby blue tulle, daisy tulle socks, and cherry knit sweaters.

Lirika Matoshi is a designer you’ll want to keep your eyes out for over the next few months, and we can’t wait to see what other girly, whimsical pieces she creates.